Friday, December 26, 2008


:( It's over. I just love Christmas so much. Izze melted my heart only about a hundred times yesterday. I love being a mom, it makes everything different, better.

On the 23rd we went to Jeremy's Grandparents Annual Christmas party. I always love going. Izze loved showing off and dancing. She was pretty darn cute.

Christmas Carols

On Christmas Eve Jeremy had to work until 2:30 am. BUMMER! Izze and I made a gingerbread house. She got pretty creative.
Gingerbread house.

Then my parents stopped by and we all went to my Grandma Halliday's house. Then Izze and I went to Jeremy's parents house for dinner with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Vincent, Great Grandma Parkin, Parker, Avery and Kyson! After dinner Jeremy's mom gave the kid some Christmas Eve jammies, Izze's and Avery's matched. I taught them about tradition and told them we had a tradition of singing Christmas songs in front of the tree after we got in our jammies.


Then we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Another tradition is getting a new Christmas movie to watch on Christmas Eve).

Christmas Eve

The next morning, SANTA CAME!! He brought Izze some really great stuff! She specifially wanted Wall-e and a step stool. A few weeks ago I realized she meant she actually wanted the robot not the movie... she also thinks Eve is really "Steve-uh" and that Wall-e and Steve are best friends.

Santa has visited!

This is the kitchen Jeremy and I gave Izze. (Jeremy did most the work... I really only contributed the details). I'll post more about this kitchen later.


I couldn't get Izze to go to sleep on Christmas Eve, because she has a hard time falling asleep when Jer's not here. Needless to say she wanted to sleep in, but we didn't have that option really. After three or four times of her telling us "not wake up" she realized what we were saying. "SANTA CAME!" You can't really see her face, but her hand on her little chest is so cute. She's saying "This is for me?"

For me?

She got a Nerf Gun from Santa. I was really hesitant, but Jeremy really wanted her to have it, because her cousins all have them and love them and she loves to play with their guns too. She was happy. This is Christmas Face. This is what it looks like.

Christmas Face!!

When she saw Ariel she said "Wow, I love her!"


We may not be the most beautiful people in the morning, but we had a nice Christmas...

Christmas Morning

I hope you all had a great Christmas. We braved the horrible weather and visited both my parents and Jeremy's parents and went to dinner at my sister Stacy's house. Everything was so fun. I love Christmas I can't wait until next year. :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winter Dance Recital.

I love teaching dance. I really do, but I'm not going to lie when I tell you I love the day after my recitals. It's such a weight off. :D I loved seeing all my girls in their sweet costumes and they all did so good, I was really proud. There were two little ladies who stole my heart entirely though. I think you know why.

Izze's dance was third or fourth in the program. She just might be a born performer. This has got to be one of the cutest things ever. If you can't find her... she's the excellent bum shaker who does her own thing.

Izze's Dance Recital from Kalli Parkin on Vimeo

Avery was near the end and she did so so good! She smiled and followed along. She looked darling in her costume. I'm a proud Aunt! Avery is the one of the left.

Avery Dance Recital from Kalli Parkin on Vimeo

The next day it snowed and Utah started to look like Utah. :D Jeremy's grandma got us (and all of her kids and grandkids and their spouses) tickets to A Kurt Bestor Christmas. It was a lot of fun.

Afterwards we took Izze to see Santa. We've been talking about it since before Thanksgiving to prepare her for the moment. She has met Santa twice and she was happy to stay at a safe distance. Today she said she was ready. When we were second in line Izze started getting really nervous and fidgety and said to me really fast. "I'm scared" then "I'm going through that door" (There was a door way leading to Santa). I told her she was next and Santa was going to hold her on his lap while someone snapped a picture. She sat there nervous, but brave. When Santa asked her if she wanted toys she said no. I said, "Izze tell Santa what you want" "no..." Then she reached for me. The pictures were crap and for $19.99 I wish I would have remembered my camera! It was only in the car! But without further ado:

Izze Santa 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's been a minute.

I guess we haven't posted in a little while. Things are really busy and I always think that's a good thing.

I'll have to update with some pictures soon. I'll just recap some fun new Izze things:

-She wants Wall-e for Christmas... turns out she actually wants Wall-e the robot not just the dvd.

-She loves Little Mermaid and some of the other princesses. I'm not sure how that happened... I don't like princess stuff at all... ever.

-She sleeps in her own big girl bed in her own room now. Jeremy and I are glad to have our bed back. My back feels so much better.

-She loves the idea of Santa and presents and giving gifts and getting gifts, but she doesn't want to sit on Santa's lap. She will go see him and say hi to him, but she doesn't want to sit on his lap.

-She told me she wants me to have another baby, but she doesn't want a brother or sister EVER! I think she might want me to have a Cabbage Patch doll or something.

-She has a lot of fun in dance, she's kind of naughty in class and gets some of the other girls to follow her and not follow along, her recital is this weekend.

-She's not interested in using the potty. She loves the idea of undies, she has Mermaid and Hello Kitty among other ones she loves, but she doesn't like her potty. I'm not pushing it, we just talk about it a lot.

-She knows who Hannah Montana is. (shhh).

-Her favorite song is Jingle Bells

-Her favorite animal is an Elephant (which is mine, they remind me of her... it's a long story ask if you really want to know). She has five stuffed elephants Taco, Pinto, Poco, Verde, and Corazon

-Her favorite tv show is Max and Ruby, although she still really really loves Yo Gabba Gabba she has just seen the same episodes too many times and would rather play with the toys and sing the songs than watch the show.

-Her favorite colors are pink and green.

She's so funny and so sweet. She gives the best hugs and kisses and says "I luz you" I luz her too.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gabba Friends

It's no joke... we love Yo Gabba Gabba. It's not as boring as a lot of preschool shows and it's strange enough for us. So naturally when Izze turned 2 she wanted a YGG party. At first I was going to try and do a Halloween theme again, Peek a Boo Guess who's Two! A GHOST PARTY!! I was thinking it would be the last year I could get away with it... I was so wrong. I told Izze about her party and she said she wanted a Gabba party! It's a pretty new show and there aren't decorations you can buy for it, so I was on my own! I think I pulled it off pretty well! We came across gabbafriends shortly before I started looking for her birthday ideas. It's a pretty cool site, with a lot of ideas and other fanatics of the show.

Every couple of months they have contests for YGG prizes. One of the categories is birthday parties... so here I am, shamelessly pulling on you guys to vote for Izze's party.

You can see the party there. Check out the other submissions too!

There's another mom who acknowledge us when making her invites, saying thanks for inspiring her and for my ideas!

I won't leave without a picture though... Izze isn't feeling well. She woke up really early this morning and needless to say she was tired again before I even changed her out of her jammies.


I hopped online to check my email and Izze climbed behind me to watch a little TV. She laid her head on my shoulder...

a few minutes later I realized she was asleep! Standing up behind me, resting along my back. I hunched over and tried to get her to come around to my lap, but she got grumpy, so I let her stay, she fell right back asleep.

Toddlers are hilarious.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Header.

I decided to make a new header for the blog.

I think it's pretty cute! Haha.

I can't scrapbook with paper in real life... but let me do it on the computer and...

I have a lot of fun!

It's just finding the time to sit down and do it.


K... bye.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Birthday Bash.

I just realized I never posted about Izze's birthday and I have a lot of pictures! She had such a great time, she loves all her gifts and keeps talking about her "Muno Cake Party" I think her favorite gifts so far have been these little newborn animals that make little squeaky newborn noises and have bottles to feed to them. She really loves her pots and pans and her new grocery cart. She thinks all the clothes she got are jammies and insists on wearing them all at once (I have to really distract her). One thing in particular she loves is a Nightmare Before Christmas blanket she got from Jessica. She carries it everywhere (and I cannot distract her). She calls it her Pumpkin Kingy blanket... so soft. She has a little Jack doll she loves too. She's so funny.

You can see all the pictures by clicking right here.

Some new things Izze's been doing or has said lately:

She really talks up a storm, has full conversations and cracks jokes.

I let her watch The Little Mermaid and she is now obsessed with Mermaid. She has now seen all three of the Mermaid movies and asks to watch them.

She still loves Yo Gabba Gabba, but I think she loves the characters and songs more than the show right now. As far as showsn goes, she likes Dora (which comes on right after Yo Gabba Gabba and is the only reason she knows of it... ugh.) She LOVES Dora, not even just a little. I think she realize Dora and Isadora sound alike and she started liking her. Her big POTTY incentive right now is to potty 5 times in her potty and she gets a HUGE Dora coloring book. Where Dora is a mermaid... win win.

She loves Nightmare Before Christmas and I don't have it on DVD, so we've been watching it on the computer. She knows she can watch movies on the computer, she pretty much knows her entire world is digital and she can have anything on demand. Such a difference from generation to generation.

She told me yesterday "It's raining snow, Mama! The snow is white!" It was really funny.

She wants to eat the snow and put it in her drink.

Jeremy decided she is a born performer and as he was telling me that, Izze came running out of her room with her tap shoes on and pom pons in her hands!

Loves vegan cheese

Loves soy yogurt

Loves her new green fairy wings

Loves sleeping with Mama and Daddy

Says "That's me!" when she sees a picture of something she likes, for example, she saw a picture of the daughter of a friend of mine hugging Brobee (from Yo Gabba Gabba) and said "That's me!!" She also saw a picture of a little girl's room with a play kitchen and said "My room!" It's different than when she says "MINES" and takes something away. She's saying she likes it, but she says "That's me!"

She weighs 24 lbs and is 33 inches tall. She's clever and she's funny.

I love every Izze minute.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Worn out.

Worn out.
Originally uploaded by KalliBones

Is she not the cutest thing?

Go vote!

Click on this link Rocky Bama Izze's hilarious.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Originally uploaded by KalliBones

Izze is adorable... seriously! We went to the Monster Block Party at the Gallivan Center. She had a blast. Her favorite part was probably the fire engine dropping the pumpkins. She was saying "WOW!!" and clapping! She didn't even see the pumpkins hit the ground, but she was impressed with the dropping of them.

While we were watching a singing/dancing group (which she LOVED), she fell asleep. She was the sweetest skunk there! Our favorite costume we saw was a little Barack Obama. There was also a Nintendo Family with Mario, Luigi (young brothers) and a ? box turning into a mushroom (a baby, probably 6 or 7 months old) and a one up mushroom (the mom).

You can see some of our other fun Halloween stuff we've done right here:

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch and Making Daddy gorgeous.





Izze made her daddy "gorgeous"... her words. She told me where to put the pony tail holders, but she did the bows on her own!


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Second Place


I found the best graphic maker for the community I run at livejournal.

This is the first graphic she made for the first contest she ever ran for the community.

Izze won second!! WOO WOO!!!

You need to click it to see it better.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Izze's first haircut!

Jeremy was pretty firm on his opinion of Izze's hair. He didn't want her to have it cut until she was 2. I used to push the issue, but I stopped. Yesterday when we were talking about Izze's 2 year old pictures, he mentioned he'd like to have her hair cut by then (obviously before she's 2). I said, let's do it today! He said OK! OH MY GOSH!!! So we called Cookie Cutters and made an appointment! I'm so pleased with how cute she looks! I was nervous she'd look like she never really had hair to begin with, he hair was getting so long, but she had this Donald Trump, "half hair" going on, so at least I wanted that to be fixed and evened out.

The stylist gave her a cut little bob that flips out. Izze was such a good little client! She just sat very still, watching the other kids in the salon. Izze really wanted to sit in the black helicopter, but was just as happy sitting in the pink car!

Here are a few pictures of the big event!

Getting Ready.
Just before the haircut in her pink car!

Sitting so still.
Sitting very still!

Styling! The stylist even blew her hair dry! She sat still for that too!

Izze After!!

She's so cute! This morning we just let her hair dry and do it's own thing and it's still just as cute! We don't have a small round brush to style it the way the stylist did, but we're getting one today so we can do Izze's hair just as cute as she did it! We'll definitely be going back to Cookie Cutters to get her hair done again!

:D My little Punk is growing right up! So cute!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Between the Bars.

Between the Bars.
Originally uploaded by KalliBones

You now know just one more thing she gets from me.

Growing up I loved that I got the "tongue biting thing" from my Grandma Hansen and now Izze does it.

I uploaded a lot of pictures from the playground with Parker, Avery, Kyson and Jaiden. I was getting so teary eyed seeing my little girl so big.

I'm lucky aunt, I'm a lucky mama.


That is my flickr account, I upload pictures almost daily. I'm doing a project with Izze where I take a picture of her every day for a year. We started in January... my camera pooped out... so we started again in June.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Mama's makeup. Izze- day 58

Mama's makeup. Izze- day 58
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Izze found my make up bag today. She didn't do that bad actually! It cracks me up that she loves "makeups" so much. After she finished, she got a baby and a purse and was walking around the house like she was shopping. She's got a big imagination I can already tell.

July is almost over, which means, we're almost done with second busiest month of the year (at least in our family), I have to go back to teaching dance soon and Jeremy's one day closer to losing his mind.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Kyson-- Smiles

Kyson-- Smiles
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He is such a sweet boy. My camera died before our BBQ really got underway. But it was a lot of fun. It was a really easy going day. Good food, a lot of fun and of course it's always great to be with your close friends and family. We were missing Kristy's family. Next summer hopefully they'll visit and we can do it again.

I'll upload the rest of the pictures and videos later, so I can share those too.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimming with Parker and Avery.

Today we went to Great-Grandma Vincent's to go swimming with Parker and Avery. Kyson even took a little dip in the pool for a bit! It was a very nice day and the water was just the right temperature!

Parker and Avery were a little unsure at first, but by the end of the day Parker could swim all the way to the 9 feet deep part!!! And Avery could dunk her head under the water!!! They both were jumping off the side of the pool into the water!

Izze always has fun... no matter where we go, so I think it's a given she had a blast!

Here's a few pictures from today!


Swimming Aerobics!

Swimmer Smiles


After the plunge

Little Swimmer-Izze-Day 30

Summer Time.

It sure was fun! We're totally worn out now!

Friday, June 27, 2008


So i'm rocking out in Vegas at a tattoo convention and there are a couple of booths that have little kids shirts and I want to get one for Iz so bad but there all black and have stupid sayings like "my dad can drop kick you dad." Iz is a sweet little cute girl not some gothic baby that needs to be wearing black shirts that have stupid hard ass sayings. I really miss my girls and can't wait to get back to SLC to be with them. 

On a side note in the booth across from us is the "Gypsy Queens" they are a group of girls that help "promote" a couple of them are suicide girls. Its really funny cus we all agree that most of them look like transvestites its really funny. 

I love you Isadora behave for you mom.

I love you Kalli I'll be home this time tomorrow.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Titus Andrew

Titus Andrew
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He might be the cutest pug... I've ever seen!!!

You know it's true too.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway
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We went to the children's museum yesterday. Izze had a lot of fun. I'd say she most enjoyed herself in the Bee Hive ball area.

I hate to sound like a downer, but I was very disappointed. The last time we went was just before Izze's first birthday and she loved it, we were with Ayden and Hudson and they really enjoyed themselves too. I thought for sure now that Izze's 19 months she's have even more fun. But it seemed to me that a lot of the attractions weren't working right. For example there is a whole "lake" and "river" area where you can experiment with water, well there wasn't enough water in the basins to even use the tools or float a boat. And in the small house all there used to be cupboards full of dishes and cups and food... there were only about 6 things all together in the kitchen. And there was a really beat up train table in the living room instead of the "painting and wallpaper" area. I was just really disappointed, because I could play with really old beat up toys for free.

I guess the point is that Izze had a lot of fun, she really seemed to flock to trouble. There are always older boys getting in trouble somewhere in the museum and Izze would always try to do what they were doing. UH OH!!!

After we left the museum I let Izze run around in the fountain outside and she really loved that part, she was a little unsure of getting wet IN HER CLOTHES, but after a big splash she was really excited.

You can see the rest of the pictures by clicking here

We love you guys!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Izze In a Tunnel

Izze Tunnel
Originally uploaded by KalliBones

It's official. Izze is LITTLE MISS DAREDEVIL!!!

She isn't afraid of anything.

We took her to Sugarhouse Park and let her play BY HERSELF on the playground.

She climbed up steps, ladders and other weird climbing things. She crawled through tunnels and went down slides... and she didn't need her mama to catch her. She is a toddler.

The tunnels were definitely her favorite but the swings were in a close second!

Here are some more pictures of her from that day.

A Friend in the Tunnel
With a new friend, Gary.

Izze Day 7


Izze can't wait until she can take swimming lessons with her cousin Ella!! And she's thinking she wants to go visit Ayden and Hudson pretty soon.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's been a while

I haven't posted in a while... a long while.

Izze is a magician. She can make pretty much anything disappear. Cell phones, remotes, keys... memory cards to our camera and the real reason you visit this blog. I know you're wanting pictures.

Lucky for me, Jeremy surprised me with a new camera when he got his bonus this year. I'm so happy to have a camera, let alone a nice shiny new one!!!

We just got back from Las Vegas with Jeremy's parents for a WHOLE WEEK! We had a blast.

Jeremy got an i phone right before we went on vacation and he's loving it... I'm a little jealous, but only a little, I really wouldn't use all the functions on an i phone to justify buying a brand new one.

Izze has been a little wild women lately. She runs, she climbs, she tumbles and she's sassy! She is starting to say more words and she can sign quite a few words, her favorite words to sign are "more" and "please" which usually gets her more of a treat or something yummy. She's still a really picky eater, but she loves vegan cheese pizza and vegan mac and cheese (maybe she just loves vegan cheese). She loves vanilla soy milk, but isn't a big fan of chocolate. Her favorite toys are babies, balls, cars and three certain stuffed animals: Gigi Giraffe, Elle Taco and Ox.

Ok... so onto some pictures.

I'll have to leave you with some teasers until I can make a bigger picture post.

Izze and Avery
With her cousin Avery.

Izze loves Gigi
With Gigi.


Keeping a captivated audience
Little Flower Girl

Hoover Dam with Daddy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Potato Knees

Originally uploaded by KalliBones

Stacy posted a picture of Owen thinking it's so funny to wear potato head glasses.

Well this is how Izze wears her potato head glasses, she thinks it's waaaaay funny.

Also, her two new favorite words? Boob! and uh-oh!