Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Beautiful day in the neighborhood!

It was gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS this weekend!

We spent a lot of time outside playing with bubbles, riding bikes and just enjoying the weather.
I won't say a lot for these pictures. She's just getting big, she's not my little tiny baby at all. That bubble wand is a bust and doesn't work very well, but she still got a few and she's VERY good at skipping! I'm a proud mama/dance teacher! :)

big girl




Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OH!!! Where have we been since February!!!

Holy smokes.

So busy.

Being a mom, and a dance teacher during competition season makes for a crazy crazy time.

Izze is the sweetest girl you've ever met. Smartest little sassy thing too. She's definitely the epitome of THREENAGER.  And it's fun. She's just about done with preschool and we'll be doing 3 days a week next school year. She's been doing gymnastics and dance and loves them both a lot!

She has been saying she wants to play soccer and I'm thinking we'll take the summer off of dance and gymnastics and we'll do swimming and soccer instead.

The only thing is she wants pink EVERYTHING and the pink soccer stuff is too big for little Punks like her.

Speaking of being small. Izze is very petite. She is the shortest one in her gymnastics class, dance class and preschool class. She's a skinny little thing. But a total power house of energy. Like a little puppy.

She is quite the animal lover and would love to be surrounded by dogs and cats and elephants too.

She loves reading, painting, writing words (with help of course) and riding her big big bike.

Jeremy and I are doing great. We're still loving living in Daybreak and Jeremy's doing great at his store in Tooele.  I'm loving teaching dance, our studio just gets better and better every day! :)

I guess you want pictures.

Using only red.


Sitting in the kitchen with Izze




First time golfing

Big Girl Bike

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We're doing just fine.

January is always such a catch up month. I can't take a break yet though.

I'm having surgery on Thursday... after that I'll let you all know what's going on... I don't want to get anyone excited for nothing, you know.

Izze's doing great. She's loving gymnastics more than anything else she does. She's having a fun time at her new preschool and she likes dance a little (mostly because her best friends are there).

She's the cutest kid I've ever met and I've met a lot. (I'm not biased at all).

I'm learning how to sew and have already made a few things. I made a pillowcase top and a skirt for Izze.  I also made a matching pillowcase dress for Izze's doll Amy.

I didn't get very good pictures of the sewing projects, but I'll add the ones from my phone.

This is the pillowcase top and matching one for her doll. I wanted this one to be shorter, so she could wear it with leggings. Izze picked out the fabric... I would never have picked sparkly fairy princess, but Izze loves it and for my first project I'm ok with that.
My first big sewing project.

Then my mom did a better job and made a really cute pillowcase dress with some cute strips of fabric.
My mom topped me. Day 29

A few days later I tried to make a skirt on my own. I didn't do too badly. I need some practice, but I needed to try do make something on my own, without my mom's help.
My First skirt day 31

And since we're on the iPhone pictures roll, I'll post one of Izze's cute bed head the other day.
Bed head, day 30

Such a pretty girl.

I'll update again soon. :)