Friday, June 27, 2008


So i'm rocking out in Vegas at a tattoo convention and there are a couple of booths that have little kids shirts and I want to get one for Iz so bad but there all black and have stupid sayings like "my dad can drop kick you dad." Iz is a sweet little cute girl not some gothic baby that needs to be wearing black shirts that have stupid hard ass sayings. I really miss my girls and can't wait to get back to SLC to be with them. 

On a side note in the booth across from us is the "Gypsy Queens" they are a group of girls that help "promote" a couple of them are suicide girls. Its really funny cus we all agree that most of them look like transvestites its really funny. 

I love you Isadora behave for you mom.

I love you Kalli I'll be home this time tomorrow.


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