Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gabba Friends

It's no joke... we love Yo Gabba Gabba. It's not as boring as a lot of preschool shows and it's strange enough for us. So naturally when Izze turned 2 she wanted a YGG party. At first I was going to try and do a Halloween theme again, Peek a Boo Guess who's Two! A GHOST PARTY!! I was thinking it would be the last year I could get away with it... I was so wrong. I told Izze about her party and she said she wanted a Gabba party! It's a pretty new show and there aren't decorations you can buy for it, so I was on my own! I think I pulled it off pretty well! We came across gabbafriends shortly before I started looking for her birthday ideas. It's a pretty cool site, with a lot of ideas and other fanatics of the show.

Every couple of months they have contests for YGG prizes. One of the categories is birthday parties... so here I am, shamelessly pulling on you guys to vote for Izze's party.

You can see the party there. Check out the other submissions too!

There's another mom who acknowledge us when making her invites, saying thanks for inspiring her and for my ideas!

I won't leave without a picture though... Izze isn't feeling well. She woke up really early this morning and needless to say she was tired again before I even changed her out of her jammies.


I hopped online to check my email and Izze climbed behind me to watch a little TV. She laid her head on my shoulder...

a few minutes later I realized she was asleep! Standing up behind me, resting along my back. I hunched over and tried to get her to come around to my lap, but she got grumpy, so I let her stay, she fell right back asleep.

Toddlers are hilarious.

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ReadingFamily said...

Hi kall, I hope Izze's feeling better. Your YGG party was SO much fun. You are so creative and throw great parties. Love you!