Monday, June 30, 2008

Swimming with Parker and Avery.

Today we went to Great-Grandma Vincent's to go swimming with Parker and Avery. Kyson even took a little dip in the pool for a bit! It was a very nice day and the water was just the right temperature!

Parker and Avery were a little unsure at first, but by the end of the day Parker could swim all the way to the 9 feet deep part!!! And Avery could dunk her head under the water!!! They both were jumping off the side of the pool into the water!

Izze always has fun... no matter where we go, so I think it's a given she had a blast!

Here's a few pictures from today!


Swimming Aerobics!

Swimmer Smiles


After the plunge

Little Swimmer-Izze-Day 30

Summer Time.

It sure was fun! We're totally worn out now!

Friday, June 27, 2008


So i'm rocking out in Vegas at a tattoo convention and there are a couple of booths that have little kids shirts and I want to get one for Iz so bad but there all black and have stupid sayings like "my dad can drop kick you dad." Iz is a sweet little cute girl not some gothic baby that needs to be wearing black shirts that have stupid hard ass sayings. I really miss my girls and can't wait to get back to SLC to be with them. 

On a side note in the booth across from us is the "Gypsy Queens" they are a group of girls that help "promote" a couple of them are suicide girls. Its really funny cus we all agree that most of them look like transvestites its really funny. 

I love you Isadora behave for you mom.

I love you Kalli I'll be home this time tomorrow.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Titus Andrew

Titus Andrew
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He might be the cutest pug... I've ever seen!!!

You know it's true too.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway
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We went to the children's museum yesterday. Izze had a lot of fun. I'd say she most enjoyed herself in the Bee Hive ball area.

I hate to sound like a downer, but I was very disappointed. The last time we went was just before Izze's first birthday and she loved it, we were with Ayden and Hudson and they really enjoyed themselves too. I thought for sure now that Izze's 19 months she's have even more fun. But it seemed to me that a lot of the attractions weren't working right. For example there is a whole "lake" and "river" area where you can experiment with water, well there wasn't enough water in the basins to even use the tools or float a boat. And in the small house all there used to be cupboards full of dishes and cups and food... there were only about 6 things all together in the kitchen. And there was a really beat up train table in the living room instead of the "painting and wallpaper" area. I was just really disappointed, because I could play with really old beat up toys for free.

I guess the point is that Izze had a lot of fun, she really seemed to flock to trouble. There are always older boys getting in trouble somewhere in the museum and Izze would always try to do what they were doing. UH OH!!!

After we left the museum I let Izze run around in the fountain outside and she really loved that part, she was a little unsure of getting wet IN HER CLOTHES, but after a big splash she was really excited.

You can see the rest of the pictures by clicking here

We love you guys!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Izze In a Tunnel

Izze Tunnel
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It's official. Izze is LITTLE MISS DAREDEVIL!!!

She isn't afraid of anything.

We took her to Sugarhouse Park and let her play BY HERSELF on the playground.

She climbed up steps, ladders and other weird climbing things. She crawled through tunnels and went down slides... and she didn't need her mama to catch her. She is a toddler.

The tunnels were definitely her favorite but the swings were in a close second!

Here are some more pictures of her from that day.

A Friend in the Tunnel
With a new friend, Gary.

Izze Day 7


Izze can't wait until she can take swimming lessons with her cousin Ella!! And she's thinking she wants to go visit Ayden and Hudson pretty soon.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It's been a while

I haven't posted in a while... a long while.

Izze is a magician. She can make pretty much anything disappear. Cell phones, remotes, keys... memory cards to our camera and the real reason you visit this blog. I know you're wanting pictures.

Lucky for me, Jeremy surprised me with a new camera when he got his bonus this year. I'm so happy to have a camera, let alone a nice shiny new one!!!

We just got back from Las Vegas with Jeremy's parents for a WHOLE WEEK! We had a blast.

Jeremy got an i phone right before we went on vacation and he's loving it... I'm a little jealous, but only a little, I really wouldn't use all the functions on an i phone to justify buying a brand new one.

Izze has been a little wild women lately. She runs, she climbs, she tumbles and she's sassy! She is starting to say more words and she can sign quite a few words, her favorite words to sign are "more" and "please" which usually gets her more of a treat or something yummy. She's still a really picky eater, but she loves vegan cheese pizza and vegan mac and cheese (maybe she just loves vegan cheese). She loves vanilla soy milk, but isn't a big fan of chocolate. Her favorite toys are babies, balls, cars and three certain stuffed animals: Gigi Giraffe, Elle Taco and Ox.

Ok... so onto some pictures.

I'll have to leave you with some teasers until I can make a bigger picture post.

Izze and Avery
With her cousin Avery.

Izze loves Gigi
With Gigi.


Keeping a captivated audience
Little Flower Girl

Hoover Dam with Daddy.