Sunday, June 8, 2008

Izze In a Tunnel

Izze Tunnel
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It's official. Izze is LITTLE MISS DAREDEVIL!!!

She isn't afraid of anything.

We took her to Sugarhouse Park and let her play BY HERSELF on the playground.

She climbed up steps, ladders and other weird climbing things. She crawled through tunnels and went down slides... and she didn't need her mama to catch her. She is a toddler.

The tunnels were definitely her favorite but the swings were in a close second!

Here are some more pictures of her from that day.

A Friend in the Tunnel
With a new friend, Gary.

Izze Day 7


Izze can't wait until she can take swimming lessons with her cousin Ella!! And she's thinking she wants to go visit Ayden and Hudson pretty soon.


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