Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Blog.

Izze decided she wanted to have a blog too. So we started a book blog.

We read a lot of books in our house. So why not start reviewing them?!? Izze tells me about the story and we take note of our favorite parts. And rate them 1-5

Her first two reviews are up right now.

Please follow it! We're going to do a review at least once a week, but sometimes more. We even did two today!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ok... really.

We had a lot of hiccups with getting internet here. Everyone thought everywhere in Daybreak had free fiber optic internet. I guess there are a few streets that just don't get it.

We finally have it, and I am committed to keep this blog up. I love reading all the blogs of our family and friends. So I need to give to get right?

And you know our blogs are the best with pictures of the cute little people in our lives...

Without further ado.

I have several pictures from this summer.

First off, my little fishy girl. She can swim underwater about three feet by herself. She loves going underwater and could swim all day if I'd let her. You can really see her missing tooth here now.

Camp Chair.

Donut Falls

For Jeremy's birthday Izze got him the DJ Lance Hat, she was so excited. She thought, this is something she really wanted, so she knew her dad would love it too.

DJ Iz Rock

Izze and Daddy

Izze being cute again.

I know she's got a booger face, that's what happens when you ride against the wind. I didn't do a thing to this photo, she's just so darn beautiful! :D I can't help but brag!

Showing me the rock she found, she loves painting rocks and giving them as gifts. You can also see her name bracelet I found at the farmer's market. I never thought it a million years I'd find Isadora, and I did... all I had to do was wait until the Ecuadorian family started a booth of these!

Izze told me she wanted to grow out her hair... but we both decided on a whim to get her hair cut, short and choppy.

pulling faces

Grass tickles

She loves riding her bike. We ride it almost every night.

Pretty Punk

and even though this is out of order. We got her dance class pictures back.
Izze's dance picture

I'll update a lot more often, smaller too. Izze dance class is starting up again soon. The classes I teach are up and running. I'm taking a few classes now too. We're always staying busy, so hopefully that means we'll have a lot to post about. :D