Friday, June 13, 2008

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway
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We went to the children's museum yesterday. Izze had a lot of fun. I'd say she most enjoyed herself in the Bee Hive ball area.

I hate to sound like a downer, but I was very disappointed. The last time we went was just before Izze's first birthday and she loved it, we were with Ayden and Hudson and they really enjoyed themselves too. I thought for sure now that Izze's 19 months she's have even more fun. But it seemed to me that a lot of the attractions weren't working right. For example there is a whole "lake" and "river" area where you can experiment with water, well there wasn't enough water in the basins to even use the tools or float a boat. And in the small house all there used to be cupboards full of dishes and cups and food... there were only about 6 things all together in the kitchen. And there was a really beat up train table in the living room instead of the "painting and wallpaper" area. I was just really disappointed, because I could play with really old beat up toys for free.

I guess the point is that Izze had a lot of fun, she really seemed to flock to trouble. There are always older boys getting in trouble somewhere in the museum and Izze would always try to do what they were doing. UH OH!!!

After we left the museum I let Izze run around in the fountain outside and she really loved that part, she was a little unsure of getting wet IN HER CLOTHES, but after a big splash she was really excited.

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We love you guys!

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