Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Izze's first haircut!

Jeremy was pretty firm on his opinion of Izze's hair. He didn't want her to have it cut until she was 2. I used to push the issue, but I stopped. Yesterday when we were talking about Izze's 2 year old pictures, he mentioned he'd like to have her hair cut by then (obviously before she's 2). I said, let's do it today! He said OK! OH MY GOSH!!! So we called Cookie Cutters and made an appointment! I'm so pleased with how cute she looks! I was nervous she'd look like she never really had hair to begin with, he hair was getting so long, but she had this Donald Trump, "half hair" going on, so at least I wanted that to be fixed and evened out.

The stylist gave her a cut little bob that flips out. Izze was such a good little client! She just sat very still, watching the other kids in the salon. Izze really wanted to sit in the black helicopter, but was just as happy sitting in the pink car!

Here are a few pictures of the big event!

Getting Ready.
Just before the haircut in her pink car!

Sitting so still.
Sitting very still!

Styling! The stylist even blew her hair dry! She sat still for that too!

Izze After!!

She's so cute! This morning we just let her hair dry and do it's own thing and it's still just as cute! We don't have a small round brush to style it the way the stylist did, but we're getting one today so we can do Izze's hair just as cute as she did it! We'll definitely be going back to Cookie Cutters to get her hair done again!

:D My little Punk is growing right up! So cute!