Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kalli and Izze Day 49

Kalli and Izze Day 49
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We're back on track with our 365 project.

I really love Izze's hands in this picture. She loves for me to put my hair in her face and shake it, she's always loved it, since she was a little a baby. I could giggle her all day.

We're both sick right now, so we're cooped up at home and we can't even go see Izze's new little cousin Kyson and we love him a lot already! Hopefully we get better soon!

Izze's been a big helper lately. With laundry she hands me clothes to put in the washer, sometimes she'll drag a basket to the laundry room all by herself. Then she helps me with dishes, she hands me the silverware to put away. And she understands so much now, if you tell her to put something away, she usually knows right where it goes. If we say get a diaper, she can lead you to it, when we take off her clothes she knows they go in her laundry basket. I love to watch her grow.

:D Being a mama is the best job in the world.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We moved.

After much consideration, Jeremy and I realized selling our house quickly and renting an apartment would be better for us for a bit. I feel like we've finally settled in. We moved just around the corner from our home into a basement apartment. It's sad to leave our first house and it's a little discouraging to go back to renting, but it's the best thing for our family right now. I can stay at home with Izze and we can save money. We're going to probably build a house this next time and it won't be until after Jeremy has his own store, we thought that day would come a lot sooner.

We really love our new apartment, there's soooo much space for Izze and Titus to run around and there's CLOSETS!!! And a ton of storage, things Jeremy and I never really had before. There's even a dog door for Titus. It's really great for us. Next thing: pay off the car, that is just draining us... let this be a lesson, don't buy a new car off the lot!!! haha!

Unfortunately Izze some how got a hold of our stash of memory cards and thought she'd give them a bath in Titus' water dish. So my project 365 came to a stop for now and there's not any pictures of our new place yet.

As far as new Izze things, she can say "bath" now and she can make a bunny face and a fish face, she can also do a somersault. This baby is nuts!!!

Sorry there's no cute Izze face to hold you over, but I still thought I'd give a quick catch up.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Izze Day 32

Izze Day 32
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I love this new trick.

Izze knows pretty much all of her body parts and will point to them or show them when asked. My favorites are "show us your tongue" and this is what she does. Or "where is your brain" and she points to her head.

She can also shake her bum and spin spin spin. My little monster is getting so very big.