Thursday, December 31, 2009

The year is ending.

2009 wasn't too bad. It had it's downs, but luckily they were outweighed by the ups.

Some highlights.
+Jeremy got his own store.
+I started taking more time for myself.
+Moved to a new home in Daybreak.
+Made a lot of new friends (our whole family made friends).
+We had our first family camping trip (we went several times actually).
+I started teaching two new competition teams at dance.
+Izze started gymnastics.
+We found another preschool closer to home for Izze.
+I learned how to bake things not from a prepackaged mix.
+My mom and sister and I spent a few (very necessary) days in New York City.
+We finally bought a big enough kitchen table to fit more than just the three of us.
+Jer surprised me with a shiny new iMac. :)

Some lowlights.
-Jordan had some runs in with the government...
-We have very poor luck with washers and dryers.

Some inbetweeners.
+/- Izze had to have oral surgery on her front four teeth.
+/- Izze lost one front tooth
+/- My best friend moved to Portland (good for her/ sad for me)
+/- Izze lost the other front tooth
+/- We acquired a second car... that needs some work.

And here is a recap of our year in photos. Each picture is pretty significant to the year.


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