Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Closing out the year.

We've had so much fun this holiday season. I can't believe it's over (although I'm glad.) I love Christmas and I love this time of year, but as soon as it's done, I'm ready for the next year to start! I'm really looking forward to 2010. We have a lot of fun things planned for our little threesome and I can't wait to get started.

I guess I'll post pictures of our holidays... just to wrap up the year.

A few days before Christmas we got some more snow and Izze had been begging to go sledding for a while. We took her out that night and she had a blast.

Too soft for a man.



Down down down.

Of course every year Jeremy's grandparents have a big family party. It's fun to see how many new additions the family gets. It just gets bigger and bigger. Izze was really timid this year (last year too actually). She had been sick all day, but perked up a few hours before the party, so we decided to give it a go anyway. Jeremy's grandpa dresses up as Santa (Izze would rather she and Santa maintain a long distance relationship).

Izze Elf

No... don't tell me, he's behind me...

Not lovin' him.

Avoiding Santa, please.

On Christmas Eve we ate a big dinner at Jeremy's mom and dad's house. We're definitely coming to have some of our traditions for our little family. When we came home Izze opened her jammies, sprinkled some reindeer dust on our lawn, laid out some carrots for the reindeer and put out some silk nog and cookies for Santa. We bought a movie but it was so late and honestly the movie was on Nick Jr a million times we'd already watched it 3 or more times. I'm praying next year we will have rid our home of Dora (so I returned it!! WIN!!!)

Carrots, Cookies, Silk Nog

I'm sure Santa was one of the luckiest kids on the planet this Christmas. SHE GOT A DRUM SET!! Santa was very generous! :)


Christmas face.
This is "Christmas Face" It is the face you aim for on Christmas morning.

Drumming away.
Izze in a "perform for the camera" sandwich. We're those parents!

Now we're really looking forward to a fun New Years Eve party. BRING ON 2010!!!!!!

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