Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hello, it's been a while.

Not much, how 'bout you?

Long story short, my best friend moved to Portland and while I thought she had someone to help her, she didn't. At the last minute I dropped everything to help her move, we drove to Portland in a Uhaul towing a car, then I flew home.

It was a fairly stressful trip. But I'll spare the drama (except for one story) and just give you pictures.

We left on Wednesday and the weather was not awesome.
Izze was cute and really patient while we finished packing and moving everything into the Uhaul.
The weather might have made a better choice this day... instead it made me not miss Utah at all for a few days.
It snowed, it was cold. I was a tad stressed. We planned on leaving around 1:00 and finally left around 5:00, but stopped and ate dinner, so really we left around 6:00

kalliportland 002

We drove and drove and droveity drove and Izze slept. Then... she got diarrhea. YAY! So we pulled into a rest stop and I was too nervous to change her in the bathroom, so I did it in the cab. Cool... about an hour later, so gets diarrhea again. So we pull into a gas station and at this point, it's exploded through her clothes. Jessica is getting frustrated because it's costing time and if this is the theme of the day it's not awesome. Also. I have fully lost my voice. Hmmm. So I go into the gas station and I start to change Izze and I call Jeremy and I start sobbing. I told him to come get me or at least Izze and I was sick and stressed and all of a sudden, about 30 ladies come into the bathroom, 3 stalls mind you and I'm trying to compose myself. As I walk out of the bathroom there is a line of about 50 more girls and about 60 boys (highschool age). I guess they were coming from West Jordan High School (which is where I grew up) to Seattle for a choir competition. Izze wanted crackers and juice so I had to wait behind obnoxious teens to buy them. When I got back to the car I was stressed, but I let it out and it felt good. So we went on.

kalliportland 005

Then... this is the besty. We were trying to get at least into Oregon before getting a hotel for the night. We decided with the stops we'd made Boise was our best bet. So we tried to pull into a hotel and got turned around in a neighborhood. We got stuck in a circle with the Uhaul, with a trailer pulling a car... it was bad news. We tried backing up, but the trailer was turning the wrong way and car was turning on the trailer. This was at about 3:00 am. We called Uhaul and they were going to charge a fortune to help us. AAA doesn't help on commercial vehicles. So I called the Boise Police Department. An officer came out and spent about 45 minutes directing Jessica out of the circle. He was so nice. I really should write him a thank you letter. I hope he gets a raise. We pulled into a hotel for the night and fell asleep at about 4:15 or 4:30 and were up and out of there by 8:00. Things went genuinely smooth for the remainder of the trip. We were supposed to get to Jessica's complex at about 5:00, but didn't think we'd get there until 6:00. Luckily Jessica called and asked if someone could stay and they did. We got there at about 5:20. Whew!

Then Jessica was a little upset, because the place seemed slightly ghetto and the lady who waited for her called her snobby. Hmm.. Some more stressed ensued, getting stuck in a circle again, removing the car from the trailer, the trailer from the uhaul, finding a place to do money orders, and realizing we had no one to move her in. So. I turned into a kind of jerk. I made Jessica watch Izze and while I brought stuff up from the Uhaul. Now I don't speak Spanish. But I know these dudes were talking about me. Specifically about my butt. but it's cool. No harm, no foul. We got everything, but the most heavy stuff. Izze and Skelly, Jessica's pug were being kind of hard to handle. So we went to Albertsons and got some dinner and snacks for Izze. Then we woke up the next morning and Izze and Skelly watched a movie, which Jessica and I moved the rest of the heavy things, except for one stupid box. Filled with a stereo. Death of me.
kalliportland 007

It's cool.

Then we spent the day being touristy. We met up with my friend Melanie for super late breakfast. I haven't seen her in a few years and she lives near Portland. It was really good to see her. Mixing friends proved to be a good idea this time around. Now Jessica has one more friend where she lives. We then went to a vintage store that was darling. Izze kept begging for the rotary phones...

Then we went to the vegan strip mall. Amazing. Food Fight, we got some marshmallow fluff (vegan of course) and some rice krispie treats and some vegan jerky. Then next door at Herbivore Clothing Izze and I got some shirts. I got one with an elephant that says "I'm vegan and I <3 you" and Izze got one with some birds that says Herbivore... keep sining. Then we headed next door to Sweetpea bakery and I had THE BEST cupcake, ever. No joke. It will be my first stop next time around.

Then we stopped at Jessica's mall to see if she'd get stabbed. And it turns out it was the same mall we had to stop at on the way to Canada to pick up our friend's engagement ring (longer story). She will not get stabbed.

Then it was time for vegan softserve and an enormous book store. kalliportland 010
You can see Izze's missing tooth finally.

We had a very busy filled day.

Izze saw these elephants and they were instantly dubbed "Mama and Izze elephants"
kalliportland 011

The next morning I barely made my flight at 7:15 am. Luckily I did. I would have either had to fly to Vegas and had Jeremy drive to pick me up there, or stay until today. :( Ew. Not that I didn't like being in Portland, or being with Jessica. I just missed Jeremy and my bed.

The flight by myself with a grumpy toddler was a tricky one. Kids have a lot of crap. Luckily I checked a bag, but I had Izze, her car seat and two carry ons. Wow. I don't want to have to do that again.

The next day we went to the park with Jeremy and fed some geese and seagulls and our landlord asked us to move.
kalliportland 012
kalliportland 014

We're most likely moving to a townhome in Daybreak. It's a new community modeled after Sugarhouse where we live now... and a few of the other surrounding areas. We'll rent for a year and if we like it we'll have the chance to buy it, or we'll buy something else. If we hate it, we're moving back to Sugarhouse. We're just waiting for the owners to call us back either today or tomorrow, after they've talked to our current landlord.

At least I know our landlord, will give us a good referral. She doesn't want us to go, at least... that's what she says, but her son, needs a place for his new family. He's gonna be a dad and a step dad. And they know we've been considering moving anyway. So. They just pushed things along for us.

And that's my update. I'm super busy. Izze's in preschool right now, so I indulged in some Internet time. Today is picture day for her. I almost didn't get her there in time. I think the pictures are going to be darling. They took them on/in front of one of their school busses.
I still have an hour until she's out. What to do?

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