Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hi there.

Remember us? Things have been a little hectic, to say the least.

Last I posted, our landlord asked us to move, so her son and his pregnant girlfriend and her 7 year old daughter could move in. We rushed to find a place, and we luckily did. We found a great place in Daybreak, we're really excited about it.

We had to be out of our house by the 15th and initially we thought we'd move right in to our new place, but the carpets need to be cleaned, the walls need to be painted and the dishwasher needs to be replaced. So we had to push back our move in date a week.

We packed our things into a pod. Those things are very cool and worth every penny. They dropped it off, we filled it at our pace, they picked it up and will store it until they drop it off again, which we can unload at our pace. They'll pick it up again and we're done. It's pretty awesome.

So right now we're staying at Jeremy's parent's house and they're in Florida for a few days. Izze was a little confused at first why we slept here but they were gone.

But she fully understands that we're going to a new big house where she'll have TWO ROOMS!! She's so excited to have a room for her toys.

We move in on Thursday, so just a few more days.

Yesterday, was the Daybreak yard sale. So we drove around to check it out. It's not a joke... I love thrifty shopping for Izze. I love ebay and Kid to Kid. I love new stuff too, but shopping second hand makes more expensive stuff easier to buy. But yard sales are trickier than Kid to Kid or consignment sales. At first it was seeming to be a bust, then I came up to a lady with a Kitchen Aid mixer (which we didn't get) but she had practically new tap shoes in Izze's next size up. So I asked her how old her daughter was and where she danced. Turns out they were so new, because her daughter didn't like her teacher and neither did the mom. So they pulled her out. I now have a new student too! She was excited to know of a studio closer. Good for me.

Then I found Izze a pair of brown Converse and she bought a naked Ariel baby doll for a quarter.

We were driving back to my sister's house (she was selling things too) and we passed a house with an old iMac G3, the teal ones?!? For only $20.00!! They had it set up for their 3 year old son. So it'll be perfect for Izze. Jeremy's going to set it up, so she only has a few options, like a few games online she likes, a few videos and her pictures and music. It'll be terrific for her!

It's password locked right now, but Jeremy says he can fix it.

So that's our crazy life right now. Izze's last day of preschool is on Thursday, they're having a "beach party" and Izze got a new Yo Gabba Gabba beach towel. She's really stoked!

You really need an Izze update. She's a very good kid. She's so smart, sweet and funny. She's a good little friend and perfect daughter. But I'll do a great update with pictures later.

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