Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sick Punk.

So it's been over a month since we blogged here. It's not like me to forgot my blog. So here's the scoop. Izze's been pretty sick. Since January she got a bug and was sick for a few days. It came back stronger in February and lasted a few days longer than before. Then all throughout March she threw up every few days, mostly during the night. This is all taking place while Jordan was going through his grand jury ordeals.

Which, he's now in jail... so if you want to know more about him being held wrongfully in Cache County jail check out Support Jordan".

This last weekened Izze got sick again to the point we had to take her to Primary Children's twice to get an IV to rehydrate her and to get her glucose up. She was so weak so couldn't even stand or hold herself up on the potty. She has been tested for anything the doctors could think of off the top of her head, but all the tests came back negative.

She doesn't have a virus, she doesn't have celiacs, she doesn't have diabetes, she doesn't have a UTI. So what does she have? We have a few more tests to get back the results from and we should know how those turn out tomorrow.

In the meantime I've made an appointment with a Pediatric GI specialist, that won't happen until JULY!!!

In the midst of all this, I noticed something with her front tooth. The surgery she had in January didn't quite work on one tooth and now she has to have it pulled. Sweet Punk is going to be missing a tooth. She'll have that pulled on Monday.

In better news, she's still loving preschool, she started art class at the library downtown. She loves that too. She loves watching movies, she's pretty much potty trained, but the hospital stays have set us back a little. So she's mostly in pull ups, but I'm thinking next week after her tooth ordeal, she'll back in her undies all day. She's such a sweet, funny girl. You can totally understand her when she talks and her newest thing is tell jokes. Her favorite is, "What do you do when a cow is in the road?" "You MOOOOOVE it!"

She makes friends really easy and she's one of the sweetest, most compassionate people I've ever met.

Here's a little picture of her to hold you over until I can post more of her preschool/art class/hospital stay


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