Friday, January 23, 2009

Two Things.

First off. Izze's potty training and doing soooo good at it!!!!!!!! I'm a proud mama. We have a potty chart and each time she goes in the potty she gets to put a sticker up and then another sticker depending on if it was pee or poo or both. She filled her chart in a day. I really didn't think that would happen. She got a Dancey Dance Brobee. She thinks he's pretty awesome. She's filling the chart again. The only thing is, she doesn't like to poop on the potty, so she tries a few times then resigns to a diaper. She asks me for one, then poops. From what I've read, I shouldn't refuse the diaper, she'll come around when she's ready.

So this is our potty chart.

Izze's Potty Chart.

Also. Yesterday Izze had surgery to fix some cavities she had on her front teeth. She has inherited some weak enamel. That and the combination of nursing at night until she was almost two caused a little fuss with her teeth in front. It was only the front ones, two of them, on two different occasions broke from her falling. The back teeth and the bottom are perfect, like they're from a different set of teeth or something. Izze's pretty behind on getting teeth and that's probably a good thing. She got four little white caps on her front four teeth. You probably wouldn't even tell by looking at her, they're great. My brother in law is Izze's pediatric dentist and he helped us to know what to do for Izze and made sure we were in the best care. THANKS TYLER!! I hope I never have to go to Primaries again... they were great, the whole experience was as good as it can be, but I hope no one in my family has to go there again, it's heartbreaking.

Here are the pictures of Izze's ordeal.

On our way to Primary Children's Hospital. Izze really wasn't sad or nervous, as it may seem. She was having a really good day and was pretty enthusiastic.
On our way.

Izze had a lot of fun in the waiting room. She played with a kitchen, some babies, read books and colored with markers, which she doesn't get at home... with good reason.
Art time.

After being giving some sedatives the kids have to be held on or they have to sit in a wagon. Izze tried to stand in the wagon and just got wiggly and almost fell. The wagon novelty wore off kind of fast.

Shortly after the wagon ride, Izze was whisked away without me or Jeremy. They told her she got some bubble gum and she was smitten (I blame the medication). We didn't get to see her again until the surgery was done. Only one parent could go back at a time. I went back and Izze was screaming for me and swatting at the nurses. One nurse couldn't remember the doll she had with her's name. PLEX! He was like, "I know she'd like me, if I could remember!" She saw me and snuggled so tight and said "I LOVE YOU, MOMMY!" while she screamed! Soon enough she fell asleep and we were taken to another room where Jeremy joined us. She had an IV in her leg and a monitor on each toe that made them glow. She called them "Glowy Toe"
Glowy Toe.

She took a little while coming out of the anesthesia. She was so sweet just wanting to be held. This is right before she woke up.

Then when she woke up, she had some juice like a champ and watched cartoons. Then when we were discharged we went to change her clothes and she flipped out! She screamed that she wanted to wear her dress, not her Plex hoodie. And after 20 minutes of wrestling her out of the hospital clothes and into her clothes she screamed about not wanting to go home. We told her we could stop and get a treat first, but she just cried. It was probably a control thing, the first thing she could control. Total champ though. I'll try and get some pictures of her actual teeth today.

Also look forward to her dance pictures. :D

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Jen said...

WOW she sounds like quite the champ!! First getting potty trained, and doing so great, then going to the hospital where everything is new and strange. Glad you all made it through, I bet that was tough leaving her.