Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh... cute.

I forgot. I got these on Wednesday. Izze's so cute.

Don't mind the little crayon shavings. I had just scanned in some of Izze's drawings and didn't notice them on the scanner when I cleared it off.

Either way. Izze is so cute.

Izze's Dance Picture


The Lawrences said...

Question: I noticed you have the high chair from Ikea. Do you like it? Is it worth buying, or do you suggest buying one a little more expensive? It's time to invest in one for Kohen and we are thinking about buying that one. Let me know what you think:)

Kalli said...

Nicole, I love the highchair. Since the time we were in the market for a high chair a lot better options for better prices are available.

We chose the Ikea highchair because it wasn't tacky looking and it was beyond affordable.

I love how easily it comes apart easily, it's very very easy to wipe down and there are no hidden crevices or notches for food to get stuck in. You can also use just the chair, you don't have to use the tray, just push it up to the table when they're older. It comes in more colors than just white now, which is kind of fun.

I'd probably buy it again, even though there are now others I like a lot more than when I first bought it.