Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cute Punk

Izze had her pictures taken yesterday. The other day we were visiting Jessica at work and one of her coworkers, who is a photographer, thought Izze was too cute (it's hard not to feel this way). She wanted to get some pictures of Izze in her super awesome outfits.

Here are the first two she sent me, I'm looking forward to see how the rest turned out.


Serious Little Punk.


The Lawrences said...

Dang, that is one cute girl!!! Hey, i'm putting in a scentsy order soon. I know you wanted some stuff awhile ago. Do you want me to order anything for you?

Camp Burk said...

Kalli, I just came across your blog...love it! You have some of the best pictures, and Izze is So cute! I'm going to put you on my blog list so I can keep checking it out.