Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Bed.

Izze is great at messes. So anything I can do to minimize mess, I'm totally game. The other day it was getting a little quiet in Izze's room. I came in to find this:

Mess Maker.

She had ripped all the books off her table, pulled the covers and stuffed animals off her bed, eaten a cookie, colored on her face with a pen, and pooped a horrible poop. It was at this moment I realized we really did need a book shelf for Izze.

So we headed to IKEA to pick one up. After getting that and several other things we didn't really need we headed to AS IS. Jeremy noticed a paper for the bed we've been thinking about getting for Izze. We originally passed on the bed, because we didn't think Izze was ready, she was still nursing and still sleeping in our bed. She loved the bed though, from the start! The bed is normally $200. But we got it for $50, because the box was totally destroyed. We checked that everything was in the "box" and after seeing it was we took it home. We took Izze to pick out bedding. It was funny, I was telling Jeremy I wanted to "de-Hello Kitty-ify" her room and I tried to lead her to these cute sets with green and blue patterns. She wasn't having it, she finally had it narrowed down to Princess, Tinkerbell and Hello Kitty. I gave in and let her get the Hello Kitty, because I want the bed to be fun for her and I don't want her to be afraid of the change. I'm planning on using it as a back up after I find something I like for her room. No rush though, she loves this Hello Kitty set. My little girl is growing up too fast. I love it, but it's bittersweet. Don't get any ideas though, we're sticking to a one kid family for a long time. :D

New Bed.

She insisted on sleeping sideways, which made me feel better anyway. However, the height didn't stop her from climbing down the latter at 3:00 am and climbing into our bed.

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The Lawrences said...

Cute!!! Come on Kalli...you are about due for another one. You and Jeremy make cute kids:)