Friday, March 21, 2008


Izze Day 81
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*wiping away tears*

Izze's growing up so much. Today I pulled her hair in pigtails, like I do many days, but she pulled one out and lost the elastic... I had to improvise. We were getting new tires and everyone knows you cannot sacrifice THE CUTE when out in public... EVER. I pulled all of her hair back into one high ponytail. I can't believe it stayed.... I can't believe it was so cute... I can't believe how big she is.

I love this little lady.

We caught THE PLAGUE a few days ago, it was awful. On St. Patrick's Day Izze started the day off just fine, in her cute new green shirt from Old Navy

then in the car on the way home from my dance class she started throwing up all over. It didn't stop for the rest of the night and clear on through the morning. It was sad to see her throw up in her sleep. It scared me too, I barely slept I was worried she'd suffocate on her throw up.

Of course in the morning Jeremy had a really high fever and was achy from head to toe... he had caught the plague. I was fine... but something in my head told me I wasn't going to be. So while my little lady and sweet hubby were sickies and even Titus was throwing, I cleaned the house while I still could. Then it hit me... I threw up all night. Izze was better by then and she thought torture was in order. Until she realized that every time we got up to run to the bathroom it wasn't a game, she'd come and watch us... she' weird. Sometimes she'd hug our arms or touch our back... but then she was off.

It was our first experience of both of us being sick with a totally healthy child... the house was clear evidence of this. Both Izze and Titus destroyed it, ripping up toilet paper IN. EVERY. ROOM. Titus thought it would be a great time to revert to peeing on something.


Me and Izze and Titus are back to 100% but Jeremy still has a bit of a cold and no voice.

It's days like those that really press me to keep our family a one kid family.... I mean among other things, but if I was on the fence that would have been the call. MAN! haha.


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