Saturday, March 1, 2008

Izze and The "Baby"

Izze and her ugly doll
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The other day we went shopping with my mom at Old Navy. We were disappointed... we had missed the BIG 40% off sale and there was NOTHING there. So we decided to see if TJ Maxx had anything. While browsing through the kids section a big ugly doll caught the eye of little Izze. I showed it to her and she didn't want to put it down. She loves babies, but this one was pretty ugly. We skimmed through all the other dolls to try and find one she might like better... and that maybe wasn't so hideous to look at. Izze pretty much only loved that one baby. I thought we could talk them down a bit on the price, because it wasn't in the package and it was dirty.

When we got it home, and Izze was asleep, I gave it a hair cut and style and changed it's outfit. VOILA!!! A cuter new doll. Izze still loves it. She carries it from room to room and pushes it in her stroller and she tried to get me to put my baby carrier on her so she could wear her doll. I have to find a pint sized baby carrier now.

Izze is growing up so fast it's scary. She does so many cute things.

The other day at her doctor visit she weighed 22 lbs a year ago, she was just 11 pounds.

I need to post videos soon.

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