Monday, January 21, 2008

Izze Day 20

Izze Day 20
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Still keeping up with project 365. This was yesterday's photo. Izze fought her morning nap and was still awake when we usually have a snack. I gave her a snack and put her in the high chair while I was making bread and PURPLE COWS!!! :D Even over the loud blender and kitchen mixer and clanking of pots and pans she managed to fall asleep in her high chair. She's only done this two times, but this is the first time I got to witness it. The really cute thing is that her little feet were kicking in her sleep. She must have been dreaming about running.

I sure love this little girl, she keeps my hands full, but she's a lot of fun. For the record... my bread turned out great, I've never made bread before and I made banana chocolate chip bread and it was yummy! Now that Izze's eating with us and she pretty much eats what we eat I've really been learning to cook. When Jeremy and I first got married I could ramen noodles and cereal and that was it! Now I'm more confident and I'm trying new things I even use a slow cooker at least once a week! I'm growing up! :D haha!

Well, I think Izze's waking up, so I better go check on her. :D

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