Friday, January 4, 2008

365 (366 actually) days of photos.

Izze day 4
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So I decided I'm going to be part of some flickr projects to take a photo every day for the year. I have to be fair, so I'm making sure to take one of myself (self-portraits project) and one of Isadora (project 365 kids) and also one of Jeremy and then of something random. I've done 4 days so far and I'm enjoying it so far. I just wish I had a little nicer of a camera, because it's a challenge getting quality pictures to post in the groups.

This picture is day 4 of Izze when we were waiting to take a bus (which we enjoy doing, don't worry).

You can see the rest of our photos here


It'll be really interesting to see how we change this year and it should be really fun too.

I'll try to post updates as it's going.


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