Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Celebrating Izze turning 3!

I can't believe my little Punk is almost 3 years old. Sometimes it's weird to think she could be that old, she's still pretty small and still my little baby in so many ways, but other times, she's so mature and kind and compassionate and smart... she could be turning 5!
Izze can write her name and can spell out both Izze and Isadora. She can recognize, all the letters in her name, the letters J,K,M and O. She can count to 15 by herself and 20 with help. She loves to paint and color and learn. She'll ask me to teach her about things she's interested in. Lately it's bees and babies. She is very nurturing and loves babies. She loves playing in her kitchen and playing games. She absolutely loves to read. We read more than 10 books a day! She can play on the computer. She does chin ups in gymnastics. She can do a cartwheel and an arch up... she is incredible. Something I didn't know about three year olds... their snuggles get better and better!

Izze's birthday isn't until Saturday... a very cold snowy Halloween birthday! We celebrated her birthday last Saturday. And my mom took her to Build-A-Bear on Thursday night.

Izze has been talking about going since Owen turned 4 in August. . Honestly, this was the worst time we've had a BABW. They didn't even acknowledge Izze's birthday at all... she was terrified of the girl stuffing her bear. We made it fun though. Stuff. Stuffing Pedal Grandma and Izze Giving her "Sparkly Snow Leopard" a bath. She almost chose a turkey. But mostly she was torn between the Kooky Spooky Kitty and The Sparkly Snow Leopard. Considering she has like 30+ Build-a-Bears, there were few to pick. . Chilling with Lainey at Gymboree. Move onto Friday, Izze's party. It really went well. Barbie Witch Cake. This is the "Barbie Witch Cake" exactly how Izze wanted it too. Jeremy's mom helped Izze to decorate it, just the way she wanted it. I really couldn't do this. I stayed far far away from the cake baking/decorating process! Haha! Izze's second cake. Casey and Shannon made a second cake for Izze. I'm glad they did. It was chocolate mousse cake. Izze LOOOVES Skelanimals too. Making Necklaces We made necklaces with Halloween charms. I'm actually really glad we did this activity. It wasn't expensive and it was fun. Dragon Ballerina. Avery. Izze's cousin, she just turned 5 at the beginning of the month. Dragon Izze's cousin, Parker, almost 7. Mr. Incredible and Zorro Izze's cousins Ammon, 5 (Mr. Incredible) and Carson, 6 (Zorro) didn't break character most of the party. Ella Izze's closest cousin, Ella, 2 and-a-half. Cowgirl and Ballerina Witch. Checking each other out. Pumpkin Patch Playing "Pumpkin Patch" balloons filled with loot to take home. Filling the 100 or so balloons gave me the worst blisters ever. I'm talking they're about an inch long... Note to self... mini notebooks aren't mini enough to fit in balloons. Excited! Opening presents. Each present was this good. She also naturally thanked everyone by name after she opened their gift. Good girl. Pause for meltdown. Pause for a moment. Izze's cousin threw a pretty heavy gift at Izze's forehead. She was just trying to help. Singing Happy Birthday. Singing Happy Birthday. HAPPYBIRTHDAYDEARIZZE! Happy Birthday to you. We had so much fun and Izze got quite the haul!
Heidi's family gave her two puzzles to help write her letters and numbers.

Stacy's family got her a Fancy Nancy dress. She would wear it every where if she could.

Casey and Shannon made her that chocolate cake and got her a Hello Kitty fortune cookie maker.

Our neighbors Briseis and Aurora got her Elefun and a Skelanimals stuffed animal.

Jordan got Izze Monsters Vs. Aliens

Parker, Avery and Kyson got Izze a Ni Hao Kai-Lan game.

Grandma and Grandpa Parkin gave her a hand carved Noah's Ark

Grandma Hansen gave her a nightgown

Great Aunt Sheila & Great Grandma Parkin gave her some money.

Grandma and Grandpa Halliday gave her a cradle, a view finder, the build a bear, some cute clothes and boots.

We got her an art desk and chair, Fancy Nancy phone, Fancy Nancy Frenchy dog, Snow White, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, A Yo Gabba Gabba game and some clothes. We still haven't given her some Fancy Nancy books and we're taking her to the store on her birthday to pick out something else.

She was totally spoiled. What a lucky lady!

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