Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So much to tell.

I can't believe I let it go this long without an update. We have some HUGE news. In case you didn't notice from our previous post. Jeremy finally got his own store! Yes it's true. He is an official store manager. His store is clear in Tooele. We're so excited and have been waiting for this day for... oh six years. He's really moved his way up from the bottom and he definitely deserves this promotion. He was promoted on Friday the 13th and it's been nonstop since then.

We're a one car family and we've never needed another car really, but it seems that it's come to the time we will. I could so go for something like a Passat Wagon... but I think we're just going to get something a little less expensive for Jeremy to drive to and from work.

So that's our biggest news. Sorry... no babies. :P That won't be our "big news" for a few more years at least.

In other big news, Izze started preschool today. She is going to The Winner School where I took dance growing up. It's changed a lot and it's a darling program. Izze loved it. Each week there is a theme to learn about and this week was about pigs. Izze came out with a hand puppet she had made and told me, "This pig says, no no no no, not my chin!" She was telling me the story of Three Little Pigs. Then she said, "A wolf goes up a ladder to get em' and pigs say no no no no, hair on my chin!" She told me they sang ring around the rosie. Izze also got to decorate her preschool bag that she'll use every time she goes instead of a back pack or something. She loved it and told me she can't wait to go back. I have a ton of darling pictures I need to update with, but I'm having a USB cable issue. I'll hopefully be able to throw some up here tonight. You know.. you really deserve some Izze pictures, it's been too long!

Also. Why hasn't anyone told me about preschool being so awesome for mom time? Izze's class is only three hours. I was enrolling her today and getting her settled in, so I left about 30 minutes into her class. I still had time to get home, clean the ENTIRE house and start reading my book! I love this. I sooo needed something like this! When I got home, the house seemed so quiet, so I turned up some music and got down to cleaning. I should have enrolled Izze months ago! :D

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The Cottrells said...

Sounds like Izzy is growing up! Thats great that she liked her school. I am going to wait for Cayman to go about another year or at least until she is 3. Izzy's little pictures sure are cute! Good luck with the potty training. Its a big challenge!